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Fileroom is an online business, not a freelance marketplace.
We do it all for you - the fileroom platform brings our team and services directly to your desktop or mobile when you need us. Together, we can quickly and easily accomplish striking video communications. We can work on a wide range of videos meant for any purpose.
Whether you need commercials, video presentations, case studies, marketing videos, social media videos, motion graphics and infographics, character illustration and animation videos through to training, product demonstration, safety and stakeholder videos - to name a few - we are here for you.

How it works?


Our point of difference is that we make it convenient and easy for you to create video content.

Put life into your business & marketing communications.Our team is world class and our skills speak for themselves. Proof is in the quality of content we create for our clients.

We are all about your video content production and we are right at the end of your desktop to help you create content quickly, at a reasonable price.
See our video production services below.


Bespoke, custom video production. Live people present your story, products or services. We use motion graphics, animation, professional voiceovers, music, stock images and videos to engage your viewers effectively.

Character Animation

A great option if you are looking to tell a story with illustrated motion characters. Select from 2D animation, which focuses on creating characters, storyboards and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments; or 3D animation where characters can also move toward or away from the viewer.

Whiteboard Sketch

A hand visually illustrates on a whiteboard background. These videos are a popular way to communicate complex ideas, processes or products.

3D Animation

Growing in popularity, 3D animation is the process of generating three-dimensional moving images in a digital environment. These videos are great for communicating complex business processes and ideas, as well as showcasing virtual environments.


Fabulous for instructional and training videos. We can produce screen recordings of your software, app, website or processes mixed with dynamic text and motion graphics to boost engagement.

Motion Infographics

These are a popular way to communicate facts, figures, data and messages in an attractive visual format. They breathe life into your communications in a colourful and memorable format. They are often combined with audio to build audience engagement.

Blended Media

Tell your story professionally with pre-made video stock edited with text, motion graphics, voiceover and special effects.A cost-effective alternative to live-action videos.

Video Commercials

Affordable, short form video ads. Build your brand through great video commercials and digital advertisements.


Types of videos we can create for you.

Ways to use video in your content marketing strategy.

Communicating effectively with employees, clients, partners or stakeholders can be challenging. When you build brand and design elements into your written content you can engage your audience, bringing you successful results.


Product or Service Info
Promotional Flyers
Research Reports


Day in the Life
Brand Storytelling
Facts & Research
Before & After
Interview or Testimonial
Product or Service


Case Studies
Product or Service
Tips & Tricks


Thank You
Tips & Tricks
Video Series

Ways to use video communications as part of your internal communications strategy


Welcome & Induction

Training & Compliance

Corporate Strategy & Leadership Values

Stakeholder Communications

Change Management


Policies & Procedures

Internal Announcements

Annual Performance Highlights

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The best content is created collaboratively with your team. Then produced by fileroom’s team of professionals who have strategic execution experience and specialist writing, illustration, design and production skills.

What can you do in your fileroom workspace?

Fileroom’s platform is built for you collaborate with your team and communicate with ours. Whether you need print or digital design, video content, professional writing, proofreading or editing services – we are only one click away when you need us. When you sign up you get your own workspace, and when you are ready, order a job for the fileroom team to complete for you.

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You can breathe and focus your time where it matters most, while you leave the fiddly work to us.


We have an incredible team of experienced business consultants, copywriters, content writers, technical writers, journalists, editors, graphic designers, video editors, directors and producers, animators and document specialists.


Fileroom operates on a highly secure cloud application platform. We apply security best practices and manage platform security proactively, so our clients can use our online services with confidence.

& Safety

Count on peace of mind when you sign-up, upload and develop content in the fileroom platform. We automatically issue you with a non-disclosure agreement. Keeping your content safe is our priority.

Brand Asset Management

Upload, manage and store all your brand assets and master files in your very own brand room. Any content we produce for you will be added to your brand room for you to use and access as you need. We create it, you own it.


Accessed from your fileroom dashboard, our live job tracker monitors your jobs and makes it easy for you to confirm they are on schedule. You can track from order through to delivery.

Pay When You Approve

We believe that happy clients are long-term clients. We hold payment authorisation when you place an order. Then, when you hit the final approval button after the review process, your payment will be processed, and your job delivered to your fileroom delivery box.

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Read what our customers are saying!

“I was overwhelmed with a series of tenders when I heard about fileroom. After receiving my quote, I sent a huge amount of information to them to turn into a Tender. Not only were they very efficient with their turnaround time, the content formatting and presentation was awesome.

I could not have done it without them, and I would highly recommend them. Thank you for your help!”

Tricia Corry-Thomas
Director, Zambezi Plumbing & Gas

“As a startup, we had significant Occupational Health & Safety risk exposure without the resources to mitigate this risk.

I engaged fileroom to design and write a Safety Management System, which they completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. They also supported our implementation process, enabling us to meet our current and future compliance requirements.

I have no hesitation in recommending fileroom."

Dom O'Callaghan
Director, Abrolhos Octopus

“We approached fileroom to assist us with the design of our Client Fact Find Form. They were able to create a design that was easy to follow and enabled our clients to directly input their data into the form.

The final product has been very well received by our clients, and we will certainly engage fileroom services for all our future needs.”

Craig Vivian
Director, CFS Solutions

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