Define your ideal customers

Use this template to plan and create specific marketing communications content for each stage of your persona's buying journey.

Align your content with your customers intent

To achieve marketing excellence, you need to start with your customer. Customers of today no longer want transaction based relationships. They are looking to form valuable relationships with companies they buy from. They want to be understood for who they are as a human being. They want to know not only who you are and what you stand for, but what is your company's mission and purpose, and does it align with their values.

Each of your personas will embark on a buying journey. They will hop backward and forward through different stages of their buying journey. They may be close to making a purchase decision but then look at other products or services or come across some new information that cartwheels them back to a different stage of the journey. Their journey also involves different devices, many touch points, and several types of channels through which they interact.

These buying journeys have four stages and are outlined below. The type of content used for each stage should vary according to the channel. 
  • Awareness and interest
  • Research and consideration
  • Decision and purchase
  • Retention and advocacy

Three important things to remember:

  • Content marketing takes time and resources.
  • Try to keep your strategy simple.  You may want to consider automating, curating and outsourcing your content.
  • Remember content multiplies. it can get crazy, so be prepared.