Deliver value based content

Use our Content Creation Checklist to make sure the content you plan to create is of value to your audience. The use our Persona value cross-check to confirm what you have developed will be of value to your customer's persona, while also achieving your business objectives.

Get inside the minds of your customers

To achieve marketing excellence, you need to start with your customer. Customers of today no longer want transaction based relationships. They are looking to form valuable relationships with companies they buy from. They want to be understood for who they are as a human being. They want to know not only who you are and what you stand for, but what is your company's mission and purpose, and does it align with their values.

This is where customer behaviour and content marketing are aligned and why the right communications delivered consistently across different channels will win new customers.

Your content strategy is the central to your success, so we hope you find this checklist useful. It really helps you to be clear on what you want to achieve from each content piece and is a great tool to guide your content creation process.

Remember, a well defined content strategy is a key part of your content marketing plan and will help you, as a marketer, to:

  • Attract your desired audience
  • Inform and educate your audience
  • Engage with your audience
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Convert customers into fans and advocates.

Three important things to remember:

  • Content marketing takes time and resources.
  • Try to keep your strategy simple.  You may want to consider automating, curating and outsourcing your content.
  • Remember content multiplies. it can get crazy, so be prepared.