Profile your ideal customers

Use these templates to help you put yourself in the shoes your ideal customers. Explore how they think, feel and learn about new products and services to help you get the most of out your content marketing initiatives.

Get inside the minds of your customers

Customers of today no longer want transaction based relationships. They are looking to form valuable relationships with companies they buy from. They want to be understood for who they are as a human being. They want to know not only who you are and what you stand for, but what is your company's mission and purpose, and does it align with their values.

Personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer and should be based on deep insight including buying motivations, concerns, expectations, behaviour and pain points or challenges. They help you visualise and understand your audience.

We provide you with two different templates:

  • A B2B Persona Template where your audience is making purchasing decisions for a company.
  • A B2C Persona Template where your audience is a consumer making a purchase decision for themselves.

Three important things to remember:

  • Content marketing takes time and resources.
  • Try to keep your strategy simple.  You may want to consider automating, curating and outsourcing your content.
  • Remember content multiplies. it can get crazy, so be prepared.